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Introducing PA Home Router

PA Home Router opens and closes specific ports on your router based on parameters that you define, thus allowing you to make maximum use of the Port Forwarding features of your home router simply and without sacrificing security. Many types of programs use the Port Forwarding feature for communication; examples include video conferencing, multiplayer gaming over the internet, and so on. Unfortunately, the procedure for opening ports is not always simple or user friendly. This leaves you with the following options:

  • don't open ports (which means you can't play games over the internet or use any applications that require ports to be opened);
  • spend time programming your router software, then manually open and close the ports when you need them (depending on the router, this can be time consuming and have limited flexibility);
  • opt for an all-or-nothing scenerio--i.e., you open all ports even though you only need access to one (thus making your computer more succeptible to attack from an outside source).

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Supports Linksys BEFSR41, BEFSR11, BEFSRU31, BEFW11S4 V2/V3, and NR041 Cable/DSL routers.
Plug-ins for additional router models can be downloaded when they become available.
Quick access for Profile activations.

PA Home Router solves these issues. First, it provides simplicity; you can open and close ports via the click of your mouse rather than having to dig deep into the router's software to make the changes manually.

In fact, you can train PA Home Router to AUTOMATICALLY open the designated ports whenever you launch a specified application and then close the ports when you exit that application.

Second, PA Home Router allows you to keep the best possible firewall security by opening only those ports that you need. In addition, you can create 'profiles' for the items you use frequently.

Each profile stores the relevant information about the application, including the specific port used for communication, and allows you to activate that profile either automatically (whenever the program is launched) or manually (through the click of your mouse).

Other features include the sharing of profiles, an inbound/outbound Internet Activity Log, one click Port Forwarding activation, and much more.

PA Home Router allows you to retain the maximum possible firewall security while at the same time enabling you the flexibility to run across-the-internet software such as games and video-conferencing. You can have peace of mind that you have taken steps to minimize risk to your computer. Best of all, you don't have to be a computer genius to use it.

PA Home Router is now available!

I have a home router, now what?
Ok, so you bought that home router because you were told to by your friend or neighbor who knows a little bit more about computers and the Internet than you do. So you now own a neat looking piece of hardware with its fancy blinking lights and you plugged it straight into your home computer and your DSL/Cable modem and "voila," you have an instant home firewall protecting you from all those nasty hackers. Soon you realize that this security comes at a price. I'm not talking about the money you invested in purchasing the router, but rather the loss of access to one of the greatest pleasures of the Internet. I'm talking about direct IP access to other computers for such activities as Internet gaming or connecting to an office PC. You probably didn't get a DSL/Cable modem just to browse the Internet or send/receive email. Chances are you also want to run more the sophisticated Internet applications that require high bandwidth. Unfortunately, software such as this requires some sort of port mapping in order for the Direct IP features to work. I don't mean to steer you wrong. Almost all home routers are capable of allowing you to have direct IP access to other computers. The drawback is the time and research required to program your router for each piece of software you plan to use in this way. Of course you can turn off your firewall to use these programs, but that would leave you exposed to those nasty hackers (remember these guys, they are the cause of all these problems). We at have provided a solution for people like you who want a lot of Internet security without sacrificing accessibility.
The Problem
Internet crime is on the rise and there is no indication that it is going to slow down. Computer viruses are more common than ever and those evil hackers are coming up with more clever ways to gain access to your system. Even the dumb ones are capable of causing mischief because of all the hacker utilities that are sprouting up everywhere. Nowadays it doesn't take much education to become a pain-in-the-butt virus programmer. So, the best line of defense is to implement a firewall that blocks unwanted traffic that would normally be accessing your computer. If you have a DSL or Cable modem, then installing a home DSL/Cable router that supports firewall capabilities is the only way to go. Connecting to the Internet in this way does have its limitations, however. By preventing unauthorized access into your computer, you are also preventing some authorized access from occurring. If you are like me, a router is also a great solution for connecting all of the computers in your house to one Internet connection. This makes it even more difficult for Internet software to work, because now you need to manage not one--but many--computers for your software.
Who benefits from using PA Home Router?
If you frequently need to open up ports on your router so your software can work over the Internet and you don't like the tedious task of programming your router every time, then PA Home Router is for you. PA Home Router makes it easier for you to play games over the Internet, connect to the office, host a web cam, use your PC as a server and run peer-to-peer software, or just about anything that requires port forwarding/mapping. If you are a frustrated IT manager who needs an easier way to help users program their home routers in order to gain access to the office computer, then PA Home Router is for you. PA Home Router resides on your system tray waiting to spring into action. When you launch software that requires some firewall freedoms, PA Home Router will automatically program your home router to free ONLY the ports necessary to allow the software to run. Once you exit the software, PA Home Router will automatically restore the firewall back to its original settings. This procedure provides the best possible protection for your system. To make programming your router even easier, popular software has been profiled by our experts and is available for download from this web site. By downloading a profile designed for your software, you can import it into PA Home Router so PA Home Router will have all the information it needs to program your router for that particular software. Multiple software titles can be downloaded and imported into PA Home Router. It is that easy. You can generate your own profiles and share them with your friends and co-workers. We at are interested in any profiles that you generate for software that we don't have on our list. The more profiles we receive, the more PA Home Router can do for you.
What Routers Are Supported
Currently only the Linksys BEFSR41, BEFSR11, BEFSRU31, and BEFW11S4 V2/V3 DSL/Cable routers are supported. Other manufactures of home routers will be supported as requirements demand. Plug-ins will become available for each supported router to make PA Home Router compatible for all different kinds of manufacturers and models. All profiles for PA Home Router will work regardless of which plug-in you are using.

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